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WeIcome to IRON MOUNTAIN TACTICAL TRAINING aka IM-Tactical. I own and operate Kaleber LLC "dba"  with my husband Jim. We are both Certified Instructors.


We look forward to guiding you in your knowledge, skills, and attitude towards your journey in firearms and self-defense. 


Daphne is available as a professional speaker on personal safety and has a specialized presentation for real estate agents.  She is a Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor as well as an affiliate of Pretty Loaded. She can tailor a safety presentation to meet your group's needs.  


How Can we

Help You

Daphne is well equipped to help you if you are nervous, frightened, phobic about gun handling and marksmanship.  She has a background in behavior and is able to break down units of skill and take it out of context to get you started.  Daphne helped an acquaintance with gun handling, safety and shooting to prepare them for entering the Army, as they had a very bad introduction to firearms. 


Daphne is available to give Refuse To Be A Victim seminars to any group interested in increasing their odds of being a victim. 


We can help guide you in finding a firearm that will meet your needs, one that fits your hand, one that is comfortable for you to use, one that you will practice with and one that you can safely administer.