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Call to schedule your customized lesson. Lessons can be 1hr, 1.5hr, 2hrs long depending on what you are working on and your skill level. 

Semi-Private Lessons

Add one more person to the mix

Private lessons

Crossfit group? Motorcycle group? Boeing group? Mothers' group?  I'm available to teach a private group; minimum of 6 people. 

Group Classes

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Private Group Lessons

pretty Loaded

online learing

Corporate Training

Corporate Training is available in SCORM format or use their online platform.

Seven modules in the online training program

Tips for conducting effective training sessions. Icons for step by step instruction. Individual codes for each employee. Interactive role-play and Q&A

Enforced lecture completion. Interactive graded quiz

Proof of completion certificates and evaluation forms.



Individual Training

7 Modules

  • Why Pretty Loaded

  • You are your First Responder

  • Situational Awareness Skills

  • Predator mindset and tactics

  • Intuition, body language & verbal skills

  • Defensive skills & hardware

  • Traveling tips & awareness in public



Caring about personal safety is about being smart. Lectures cover all aspects of personal safety: out and about, at work, at home or traveling. 

  • realtor safety

  • date rape

  • personal safety

  • safety tools

  • tips

  • self-defense

  • travel and hotel

  • stalking

  • college safety

Safety Lectures

North Whidbey Sportsmen's Association

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